Passive income is a very simple concept. It is an income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it. This could be investments in the stock market, purchase of bonds, private investment in small businesses, real estate etc. However, it can also be achieved by educating yourself with skills and making an initial effort in some form by “investing in yourself” and once this is complete, you reap the benefits of the effort you have taken in the form of passive income in the future. Examples of this could be writing an e-book or developing a talent such a graphic designing or public speaking. It is important to select the right type investments and personal strategies for the source of your passive income.

Financial securities trading can be a very lucrative source of passive income if the focus is on developing a system that can be easily replicated or if you able to leverage information provided from external sources. Real estate can also be another source of passive income if you utilize the services of a rental management group, use an investment vehicle like a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) or invest through a bond issued by a development company. We believe that you are the best judge to determine which strategy or combination of strategies fit your lifestyle, and investment preferences. For our passive income ideas, download the Passive Income Handbook. You can also attend our events or schedule a strategy session with us.


Prosperis Passive Income Strategies believes that disciplined securities trading (specifically Options trading) is the best was to earn passive income. We sponsor free workshops through The Vancouver Disciplined Trading Hub every Sunday and teach the Credit Spreads Options Strategy Workshop monthly. The Prosperis Condor is a passive income service that sends alerts when certain criteria for placing options trades are ideal for those who have studied our Credit Spreads Options Strategy.


Passive income is often mischaracterized and disguised by marketing companies who are seeking customers or distributors. This phenomenon is explained extremely well by John Oliver on his show Last Week Tonight that aired in 2016 and that you can watch here.

The Anti-MLM Manifesto can be downloaded here. The concept is also discussed on our free publication, The Passive Income Handbook, which can also be found below.

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