Karim Adatia, CPA, CMA

Karim Adatia is an accountant by profession and holds a Canadian CPA from CPABC and a BBA from Simon Fraser University. He began his professional career working as an associate with PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLP and then as a tax auditor for the Canada Revenue Agency.

In 2015, Karim started Prosperis Passive Income Strategies (PPIS) in Vancouver, BC. His goal was to share the passive income strategies he had learnt as both a securities trader and an investor. This was when he published the first copy of the Passive Income Handbook and launched www.ppis.ca. In 2016, Karim left his government job as an auditor for the Canada Revenue Agency to pursue his self-employed career as a full-time securities trader and a financial educator. In 2017, he incorporated his securities trading practice as Prosperis Trading Inc. (PTI).

Karim attributes his transition to self-employment and financial independence from his employer to having a blend of passive income strategies. He regularly updates the Passive Income Handbook (available for free at www.ppis.ca/handbook) to make others aware of how they too can achieve financial freedom and/or supplement their portfolio with passive income strategies. As a full-time securities trader, he heavily advocates for his clients to expose themselves to disciplined securities trading and teaches the concepts of disciplined trading at the Vancouver Disciplined Trading Hub Meetups (www.meetup.com/VDTHub).

Karim resides in Vancouver, BC, where both PPIS and PTI are based.


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